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This report provides tangential links to various reports including related features that the user should become aware of.

The top left header might say something as follows:

Customized Listing for County 

This may then be followed by other pieces of information such as the total pages on the report, a go to page text box to enter a page number to jump to, and the total number of contractors comprising the result set:

Showing 1 - 3      Page :  1  of  3     1 2  3      Go to Page # :      # Contractors : 210 

Company Name:              Socio Economic:                  State:  

The items displayed in red are filters you can use to narrow search results.

The total sales column shows awarded contracts with obligated funds to each entity listed with a unique DUNS number. These are either whole businesses or subsidiaries or departmental units of larger businesses doing with the United States government.

  • Company Name: enter the first few letters of a company name, try not to enter it with commas and periods
  • Socio Economic Indicator: filter by one of many new categories now available in FPDS-NG version 1.3 data
  • Office State: use this drop down to filter results by state
  • Click on DUNS numbers provided in the left most column to view that contractor's full 7-year comparative federal expenditure profile
  • The transactions column totals all transactions that comprise the dollar total being viewed
  • The NAICS and PSC indicate the all industry sectors in which awards specific to your search criteria were made. Links on each code take you to each sector's full 7-year comparative federal expenditure profile.

To email this report to your colleague or to yourself, click the Email Report icon at top left. To download the top 100 contractors on this listing in PDF format, click the appropriate button. PDF downloads and Emailing of reports are free.

If you need excel download units just call us and we will help you get the data you want so you can freely download FEDMINE.US™ reports.


Note: When selecting multiple criteria make sure your search is not too narrowly defined in order to avoid returning empty results.

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