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 Transaction Details

Transaction Details consist of full details of a contract as reported in the FPDS-NG. Field values come directly from award transactions, and codes have alternate text when you hover over them.

Some award transactions are part of larger IDV Contracts, and appear with an IDV Contract number with a link to each transaction awarded under the contract for the fiscal year it belongs to.

A link "Related Contacts" connects users to valuable contacts with email addresses at the Agency with links to each RFP released by them.

Hyper Links:

  • Click on the company name to go to its Federal Contractor Profile
  • Click on the 6 digit Contracting Office ID Code to view all Contractors awarded contracts at that office with dollar totals for the current fiscal year. You can toggle through other years from that report
  • Click the plus sign next to the company name at the top or next to the Contracting office ID to initiate tracking to receive alerts whenever the company is issued an award, or whenever the contracting office issues awards respectively. The detailed transaction as you see on the Transaction Details page is emailed to you formatted the way it is viewed on screen.
  • Click Download or Email This Report to receive the document in a PDF or as an embedded html email to your inbox
  • Click the PSC Code or the NAICS Code to view tangential links to individual industry sector profiles with drill down links to contractors and award details.


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