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This page details all elements currently comprising the various FEDMINE Company Profiles in the FEDMINE database. Each federal government contractor has a profile, as long as they have at least one transaction with the government from our last update. There are various icons on each profile page, and they are explained in this help page towards the end.

ALL numbers in the Contract Actions box are "hyper-linked" for easy drill down. Click on any dollar number for a given agency under any year column and you will be taken to view a report containing all transactions comprising that number. Drill down further from there to see contracting offices, etc.

Note # 1: all icons do not appear in every profile. A company may not have the necessary data to display, or we may not have a match to make that connection in our database that enables an icon to appear in a given profile. It is normal to see company profiles with some icons not present in others.

# 2: In some parent company profiles, when viewing transaction details for an earlier year, you might notice a subsidiary reflecting a different parent duns number than the one in its actual profile. This may be because its ownership at that earlier time was with a different parent.


  • Parent Company Profiles contain all subsidiaries owned by that company under the Contract Actions box to the right, along with the usual plus sign that expands to show contract actions for each subsidiary. The light blue link on each subsidiary's duns number takes you to the individual profile of that subsidiary.
  • The link titled Fedconnect Market View and PSC Market Views show individual reports for a given company's potential market size in the federal government based on its profile in our database. The profile is updated from new data, but it is possible in some cases it may appear older than anticipated.
  • All dark blue links found under the NAICS and PSC boxes generate dynamic reports aggregating federal expenditures for that code which can further be drilled down
  • All dark blue links on Agency codes to the left of their names take you directly to respective FEDMINE Agency Profiles
  • Expand the plus sign to view details under each Contract Action box. Click a dollar number to drill down to transaction detail panes.
  • Graph icons to the right of year column headers may be clicked to view full size graphs showing breakdown of contract actions by agency for that company. Parent company profiles contain two graph icons, with the second one showing breakdown by subsidiary for the parent. If you scroll down to the bottom of each profile you can view up to eight decent sized graphs per company for quickly viewing their competitive mix of agencies and contracts without clicking on any icons. These thumbnails are themselves linked to their larger versions. An example of a graph thumbnail is provided below

Some of these icons detailed below appear throughout the application and provide valuable insights into finer details for a vendor or agency. Except for the history icon, you may click the following symbols on most pages for further analysis. The following explains some of the icons found on this page:

History of item - Hover over icon to view history of an item. This icon is mostly used in company profiles to show year over year change in sales and number of employees

Help - This icon is clickable for contextual help on most screens. Contextual help icon appears on several pages throughoout the application. Click on the icon to open help screens when needed

add item to MyFedmine - Add an item to your MyFedmine menu for easy access to frequently used items

- View Contract Actions by Contracting Office for this company for all the four years shown. If viewing for a parent, each subsidiary will be shown. See the image below

- Click to view a pie chart of the company's contract actions by agency as a percentage of its overall federal business. If two icons are present, click the second one to see federal contract actions for each subsidiary of the company.

- View RFP Awards in the Fedbizopps database for this company

- View protests filed at the GAO by this company and any decisions rendered. Also view Awardee and the origianl RFP

- Click on this icon in any company profile to automatically email the company profile to up to 3 email addresses separated by commas

- View a company profile

- Click to view all awards to this company under all Indefinite Delivery Vehicle (IDV) contract numbers for 4 years

- Click to view a Google Map for the address provided by the company


IDV Details appear in a box like this
IDV Number
DAAB0703DA003 DAAD1701D0004 DCA20093D0004
DCA30093D0004 F0460698D0045 F0863003D0076


- The IDV box provides hyperlinks to each individual IDV contract under which a company was awarded at least one transaction

GSA Schedule
GSA Schedule Number GS35F4890G

- The GSA Schedule box lists all known GSA Schedule numbers with hyperlinks to details of each transaction via multi-level drill down capability
Fedconnect™ Market View - The full federal market potential of a given company by industry (NAICS codes)
PSC Market View - The full federal market potential of a given company by Product or Service Codes

Image showing Contracting Actions by Contracting Office for a Parent Company:

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